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Bicycle Repair

We are a full service bike shop that can get that old bike in the garage in working order for a ride with the family in addition to the new custom bikes and wheels that we assemble on a daily basis. Here's an overview of the services we offer and the prices. There are a number of other things we can do to help you get back into cycling or improve where you are at. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please ask.

Bike Services

Tune Up - All bike components are adjusted and bike is cleaned $90
Ultrasonic Drivetrain Clean - All drivetrain components ultrasonic cleaned $70
Derailleur Adjustment - Cable tension, limits and straightness adjusted $20
Brake Adjustment - Lever, caliper and brake pads aligned and adjusted $20
Flat fix - Tube and/or tire replaced (plus price of tube) $10
Brake Bleed - Caliper, line and lever bleed and oil replaced  $35
Wheel True - Wheel tensioned, trued & dished  $20
Wheel Build - Wheel laced, tensioned, trued and dished $80
Tubular Install -  $80
Safety Check - Bike reviewed for safety. $45
Don't see what you're looking for? Call and speak with one of our techs!

Overhaul Services

Overhaul - All bike components ultrasonic cleaned and overhauled $255
Hub overhaul - Bearings cleaned, lubed and adjusted  $40
Bottom Bracket - Bearings and crank spindle cleaned, lubed and adjusted  $25
Headset - Bearings and steer tube cleaned, lubed and adjusted  $35
Shock - Air sleeve serviced. Linkage cleaned and inspected  $40
Fork - Fork lowers and stanchions cleaned. Air and damper cartridges inspected. Dust wipers and open bath oil replaced $80

Custom Bike and Wheel Build Service

If you truly want to dial in the perfect bike or wheel set, we are the shop for you. Matias has extensive experience building up the perfect bike to your specifications; mixing and matching the right components to meet your needs.  

He can also build a custom set of wheels to match your riding style whether you need super-light wheels for setting a PR up Diablo or you are a Clydesdale and you are rough on your wheels. A custom wheel set is a great way to go that won't break the bank and will meet your needs to a T.

Fitting Service - FREE basic fitting with all new bike purchases!

6Fifteen has professionally certified bike fitters on staff to ensure that your time in the saddle is without discomfort or pain. If you have knee, back or other issues effecting your ability to ride, please schedule an appointment with us. We can help set up your road, tri or mountain bike for maximum comfort.

Packing and Shipping Service

If you need your bike packed for shipping for a trip, a move or for frame repair, bring it on in.  $80 + shipping