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This Week's Routes

Group Rides On Tap for Sept. 20th - Sept. 23rd 2018

We really have been on a roll weather wise and things are even looking better for the weekend. Temps are supposed to be in 80s. Perfect for riding. Hot...not too hot; not too cool.

Tonight's Hammerfest. 3 Waves: 5:30, 5:45 & 6:00
As we said last week, we're going to try and stretch this out to just before the Diablo Challenge which means we have this week and next week. We realize that leaves out Oct. 4th but it seems logical to end on the last Thursday of the month. And, in the days leading up to the Challenge, you won't be able to add fitness. Riding hard will only fatigue you so plan on going easier. Like last week we have moved the start times up and, to shorten things, instead of going all the way downtown we'll turn off Diablo Rd. at Camino Tassajara and head back home. As always, we'll roll over to the Athenian School as groups, climb to the junction where we regroup (quickly) pose for pictures, descend to the hole in the fence and regroup before we head back. Because of the early sunset we'll sweep riders as we descend. I strongly suggest at least a taillight.

Tonight's Mountain Bike Ride. 6 PM
Yep, it's going to be kinda busy at the shop as we move our night mountain bike ride from Tuesday to Thursday. Arrive and decide.

Saturday Mountain Bike Ride. 9:00 AM
As always arrive and decide. Dave will be there to lead the B Group. If you are curious but don't have a mountain bike give us a shout and we'll tune up one of our demos.

Sunday Road Rides. 9:00 AM
We were too lazy to re-write the turn-by-turn directions below but for variety sake we suggest doing the routes below in the reverse direction of the route map. Just read from the bottom up and go right where it says left and left where is says right. For the A1 Group we suggest going in reverse just to get to Franklin Canyon and then doing the normal route. For the B and C Groups we suggest the full monty in reverse.   

Warmer temps are the perfect excuse to send A1 & A2 Groups to do the Carquinez Scenic Drive. This takes us into Lafayette where we'll take Pleasant Hill Rd, then up and down Reliez Valley Rd, followed by a right onto Alhambra Valley Rd, left on Alhambra Ave. then up Franklin Canyon. Near the top of Franklin Canyon we'll take McEwen Rd. down to the Carquinez Scenic Dr. We'll take that into Martinez where we'll get back on Alhambra Ave. to Pleasant Hill Rd. and back into Lafayette. From there we'll catch Olympic Blvd, to Tice Valley Rd. and then home via Danville / SRV Blvd. We have it at 57 miles and about 3,300 ft. of elevation gain

The B2 Group will take the same route as the A Groups all the way to Alhambra Valley Rd. but instead of heading to Franklin Canyon we'll turn right on Alhambra Ave. and take that to Taylor to Pleasant Hill Rd. into Lafayette and then Olympic to Tice Valley and home. 47 miles.

Like the other groups the C1 Riders will head into Lafayette and take Pleasant Hill Rd. to Reliez Valley Rd. After we crest the hill we'll descend and take a right on Withers to Taylor Blvd. We'll regroup at the at the park after the descent on Pleasant Hill Rd. Then continue down to Olympic and Tice Valley then home. It's 35 miles and kinda hilly.

For the Liv C2 Beginners Ride we'll arrive and decide and go as short or as long as you want.

A footnote. This is such an incredible time of the year with so many awesome rides for great causes. Here are some dates to mark on your calendar and to start training for:




Live to ride or ride to live; it’s your choice…just ride.

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