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On Tap This Week

Group Rides On Tap for July 19th - July 22nd 2018

We hope all is well in your world. So it looks like it's going to be a warm one...not scorching but warm with plenty of sunshine. You always hear us ramble on about hydrating and we suggest you start now. But, we tend not to talk enough about protecting yourself against the sun’s rays. Since we often ride early when the sun isn't at its peak many riders don't always take the necessary precautions. Cumulative sun damage from chronic exposure means a higher prevalence of cancerous melanoma and premature ageing. Take a read

Also, a quick reminder about Monday's Liv Ladies Clinic, Bike Maintenance Clinic hosted by our Liv Ambassador Hilary Crowley and presented by our Manager & Head Tech Matias Alvarez. We'll learn about changing flats and other important "stuff" to keep your bike running safely and trouble free. And yeah, sorry guys, ladies only. We'll start at 6:30 PM and wrap around 8. Please plan on joining on us. Ok, here's the deal

Thursday's Hammerfest. Waves 1,2 &3 @ 5:45, 6:00 & 6:15
Again despite the name this is a Group Ride. We still have plenty of daylight so be sure to give everyone the chance to make it to the junction before we start descending. And again, on the way back we'll try and keep it together, at least until on or about Sycamore Valley Elementary School when anything goes. Ok, here's the plan: roll over to the Athenian School together, climb to the junction, pose for pictures, regroup, descend, regroup, roll downtown & back home.

Saturday Mountain Bike Ride. 8:30 AM
As always arrive and decide. Dave will likely be racing on Sunday so I need to avoid climbing and injury due to his all to regularly occurring crashes, so we’ll need a ride leader for the B Group. Remember our offer always stands; we have demo bikes available including women's and an eBike. Come give it a try. 

Sunday Road Rides. 8:30 AM

The A1 & A2 Groups will head out to Pig Farm Hill. That takes us into Lafayette the usual way up through SRV / Danville Blvd. and through the neighborhoods until we pop out on Olympic Blvd. We'll take that to Pleasant Hill Rd., then Reliez Valley Rd. all the way to Alhambra Valley Rd., up and over Pig Farm Hill to Bear Creek Rd. We'll take that into Orinda where we can take a bio break at the Starbucks. From there we'll take St. Stephensen’s Trail to Hidden Valley and Acalanes back to Mt. Diablo Blvd. and then home through Lafayette. It sounds a lot longer than it really is. Strava says 56 miles and just shy of 3,500 feet of climbing.

We’ll send the B Group and some ambitious C1 riders to do Two of the Three Bears. Like the A Groups we’ll head out to Lafayette the usual route SRV / Danville Blvd. to Alamo / Walnut Creek, cut through the neighborhoods, shoot across Olympic Blvd. and snake through some more neighborhoods until we get onto Moraga Rd. We'll make a left on Moraga Rd. followed by a fairly quick right on to Brooks St. then a right on Mountain View Dr. We'll then head into Orinda via Mount Diablo Blvd, El Nido Ranch Rd / E. Altarinda Dr. /Orindawoods Dr. / Altarinda Dr. and right onto Orinda Way. At that intersection, there is bathroom friendly gas station which is a perfect rest and refuel stop before tackling the Bears. From there we'll take Orinda Way to Camino Pablo on to Bear Creek Rd. and take that to Happy Valley Rd. After the climb up Happy Valley we'll descend to Mt. Diablo Blvd. in Lafayette, snake through Lafayette to Olympic Blvd. then Tice Valley and home. Strava says 45 miles and 2,700 feet of elevation gain.


For the rest of the C1 Riders who don't want to take on the bears and all that climbing we'll do the Short St. Mary’s Loop. Like the other groups we’ll take the usual route up San Ramon Blvd. into Alamo / Walnut Creek, cut through the neighborhoods, shoot across Olympic Blvd., snake through some more neighborhoods until we get onto Moraga Rd. A left on Moraga Rd. and another quick left on St. Mary’s Rd. We’ll take that to Glenside where we'll veer left and zig zag to Reliez Station. After the nasty descent we'll be back on Olympic which we'll take to Tice Valley, Crest, Hillgrade and Danville Blvd. Plan on 31 miles

As we mentioned earlier, Dave is hoping to race on Sunday which creates a few problems for us leaving us in need of 3 ride leaders. 1 for the C1 Riders who want to go long, 1 for the C1 Riders who want to go short and one for our C2. Group. Please let us know if you are available to help.

Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Ride. 6:15
Tuesday's really rock. Come out and give it a try. We’re not sure if it will be Dave or Matias but one of us will lead the B Group. Yeah, it's that time of year. We suggest a blinking tail light and clear lenses in your glasses; it was dark on some of the trails when we got under the canopy. Sad face Emoji



Live to ride or ride to live; it’s your choice…just ride.

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