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The May issue of Mountain Bike Action features a comprehensive 5-page review of the 2017 Anthem Advanced XC bike. The magazine’s editors report on the latest updates and new technologies of the flagship model in the Anthem range, and describe how it performs on the trails.

After covering the history of the Anthem range and its heritage as a World Cup-level XC race bike, MBA editors described what’s new and what type of riding the new model excels most at:

“Fast-forward to today and the Anthem has again seen a complete overhaul with plenty of modern tweaks. Riders who are looking for a bike that will climb well and be comfortable for long days in the saddle but want to descend aggressively will find the new Anthem confidence-inspiring.”

MBA test riders spent weeks putting the Anthem Advanced to the test and broke down its performance with a detailed analysis. Some of their key findings include:

Climbing: “On long grinds and steep technical pushes, the XC roots of the Anthem gave our test riders a very efficient platform to pedal from. The frame and rear triangle were stiff and responsive with the suspension flipped into the climbing modes.”

Descending: “This machine feels best with your hands off the brakes at full gas. The frame felt stiff, and the Maestro suspension was active over small bumps and big hits.”

Cornering: “The Anthem has a playful side that is amplified as high speeds and in tight corners. Our test riders felt confident leaning the bike over through banked turns and tight switchbacks. The low center of gravity gave the bike a planted feeling that allowed us to push hard into the tires and suspension.”